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I respectfully request that you read carefully these privacy policy and terms of use, in which areamedia.hu informs visitors to its website about the handling and protection of personal data and information, as well as the terms and conditions under which the website may be used.

1. Name of the controller

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Name and identification of the data controller,
Contact details of the person responsible for internal data protection:

Name of data controller: Hanzli Zoltán e.v.
Data controller address: 8060 Mór, Vértes street 25.

Contact details of the data controller:
Phone: +36(20)324-28-62
E-mail: hello(kukac)areamedia.hu

2. Data Management Guidelines

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Guidelines and general rules of data management, data management operations:

This data management policy is valid from January 1, 2021 until revoked. The guidelines of these regulations are the same as in CXII. Infotv. § 3.

Ez alapján:
- data subject: any specific natural person identified or identifiable, directly or indirectly, by personal data; - personal data: data which may be contacted by the data subject, in particular his or her name, identification mark and knowledge of one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identities, and the conclusion which may be drawn from the data subject; > - consent: the voluntary and firm expression of the data subject's will, based on adequate information and giving his or her unambiguous consent to the processing of personal data concerning him or her, in full or in part; - "controller" means the natural or legal person, or any entity without legal personality, who alone or jointly with others determines the purpose for which the data are processed, makes and implements decisions on data processing (including the means used) or implements them with the processor; br> - data management: any operation or set of operations on data, irrespective of the procedure used, in particular their collection, recording, recording, systematisation, storage, alteration, use, interrogation, transmission, disclosure, coordination or linking, blocking, erasure and destruction, and prevent further use of the data, take photographs, sound or images, and record physical identifiers (eg fingerprints or palm prints, DNA samples, irises);
- data transfer: making the data available to a specific third party,
- data processing: the performance of technical tasks related to data management operations, regardless of the method and means used to perform the operations and the place of application, provided that the technical task is performed on the data;
- "processor" means any natural or legal person, or any entity without legal personality, who carries out the processing of data under contract, including a contract concluded in accordance with the law.
- data protection incident: unlawful handling or processing of personal data, in particular unauthorized access, alteration, transmission, disclosure, deletion or destruction, and accidental destruction and damage. Zoltán Hanzli e.v. supervision of the data protection system of Hanzli Zoltán e.v. supplies.

Zoltán Hanzli e.v. areamedia.hu does not carry out direct marketing activities (eg sending newsletters). Zoltán Hanzli e.v. in all cases, before recording the data, inform the data subject of the purpose of the data processing and the legal basis of the data processing. Zoltán Hanzli e.v. processes personal data only for a specific purpose, in order to exercise its rights and fulfill an obligation, with the prior consent of the data subject or on the basis of law or legal authorization, to the minimum extent and for the time necessary to achieve the purpose. It must meet this purpose at all stages of data management. If the purpose of the data processing has ceased or the processing of the data is otherwise unlawful, the data will be deleted immediately. Employee (s) performing data management at Holtli Zoltán e.v. and Hanzli Zoltán e.v. Employees of the organization (s) involved in the processing of the data and carrying out any of its operations on its behalf are obliged to treat the personal data obtained as a business secret. The person (s) handling the personal data and having access to it are required to make a Privacy Statement.

If the person concerned under the regulations becomes aware that Zoltán Hanzli e.v. The personal data processed by the data controller is incorrect, incomplete or out of date, he / she is obliged to correct it or to initiate the correction with the employee (s) responsible for data recording specified in these regulations. Data management must always comply with the purpose limitation principle. The processing of personal data is only possible in order to exercise a right or fulfill an obligation, Hanzli Zoltán e.v. The use and transfer of personal data processed by the Company for private purposes is strictly prohibited! Hanzli Zoltán e.v. The data protection obligations of the natural or legal person (s) or organization (s) without legal personality carrying out data processing activities on behalf of the data controller shall in all cases be included in the commission contract concluded with the data processor. Zoltán Hanzli e.v. In the course of their work, their employees shall ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to personal data, and that the storage and placement of personal data is designed in such a way that they cannot be accessed, accessed, altered or destroyed by unauthorized persons.

3. Right to information

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Right to information, informing data subjects about data management:
The data subject may request information on the handling of his / her personal data, as well as request the correction or deletion of his / her personal data in writing, except for the data processing ordered by law, at the e-mail address hello (at) areamedia.hu.

3.1. Right to information
At the request of the data subject, Hanzli Zoltán e.v. provide information on the data of the data controller (s) managed by him or her or entrusted by him or her in accordance with his or her instructions, their source, purpose, legal basis, duration, name, address and activities related to the processing of the data controller (s), data protection incident circumstances, effects and measures taken to remedy it, as well as the legal basis and the recipient of the transfer. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. respond to his / her request related to the processing of the personal data of the data subject in writing, in a comprehensible form, no later than within 15 days from the submission, or within 5 days in case of exercising the right to protest. The information covers the Infotv. To the information specified in Section 15 (1), if the information of the data subject cannot be refused on the basis of law. As a general rule, the information is free of charge, Hanzli Zoltán e.v. only Infotv. It may charge in the case specified in Section 15 (5). Hanzli Zoltán e.v. application only from Infotv. Rejects for the reasons specified in Section 9 (1) or Section 19, only with justification, in accordance with Infotv. With the information specified in Section 16 (2), also in writing. Inaccurate data will be corrected by the data controller, if the necessary data and the public documents proving them are available, and the Infotv. In case of the reasons specified in Section 17 (2), it shall take measures to delete the processed personal data.

3.2. Right to protest
The data subject may object to the processing of his / her personal data,
- where the processing or transfer of personal data is necessary solely for the performance of a legal obligation to the controller (s) or in the legitimate interest of the controller (s), recipient or third party, except in the case of mandatory processing;
- if the use or transfer of personal data is for direct business, public opinion or scientific research purposes,
- and in other case (s) specified by law.

Hanzli Zoltán e.v. it shall examine the objection as soon as possible after the submission of the application, but not later than within 15 days, and shall then decide on its merits, of which it shall inform the applicant in writing. If the protest is substantiated, Hanzli Zoltán e.v. terminate the data processing and block the data, and notify all persons to whom the personal data concerned by the objection have previously been transmitted and who are also obliged to take measures to enforce the right of objection. If the data subject does not agree with the decision made on the subject of the protest, or the observance of the deadline, Zanzán Hanzli e.v. fails, the data subject shall, within 30 days of the notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline, inform Infotv. He may apply to a court as defined in Section 22. If the submitted protest is justified, the data controller shall inform Infotv. Act in accordance with the provisions of Section 21 (3).

3.3. Locking of personal data
Hanzli Zoltán e.v. block personal data, data if the data subject so requests or if, on the basis of the information available to him or her, it can be presumed that the deletion would harm the data subject's legitimate interests. Blocked personal data may only be processed for as long as the purpose of the data processing, which previously precluded the deletion of personal data, exists.

3.4. Személyes adatok törlése
Hanzli Zoltán e.v. deletes personal data if its processing is unlawful, the data subject requests as above, the processed data is incomplete or incorrect - and this condition cannot be legally remedied - provided that the deletion is not precluded by law, the purpose of data processing has ceased or the data the statutory period of storage has expired, it has been ordered by a court or the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority. Zoltán Hanzli e.v. has a maximum of 30 days to delete, block and correct personal data. available to you. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. it shall notify the data subject of the measures taken, as well as all those to whom it has previously transmitted the data for the purpose of data management. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. indemnify both the damage caused to others by the unlawful processing of the data subject's data or the breach of data security requirements, as well as the damages for personal injury caused by him or her or by the data processor (s) used by him or her. The data controller shall be released from liability for the damage caused and the obligation to pay damages if he proves that the damage or the violation of the data subject's personal rights was caused by an unavoidable cause outside the scope of data processing. Likewise, it does not compensate for damage if it was caused by the intentional or grossly negligent conduct of the injured party. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. strives to always check the technical parameters of the operation carefully, however, technical errors (eg lost message) may occur during communication. In case of errors occurring for such a reason, Zoltán Hanzli e.v. does not accept any liability, it excludes all liability arising from them. At the same time, Zoltán Hanzli e.v. requests that any such errors or service deficiencies be reported immediately to the hello (at) areamedia.hu e-mail address or to the telephone number +36 (20) 324-28-62! Hanzli Zoltán e.v. undertakes to take steps in all cases to correct any errors which come to its notice as soon as possible and to fulfill its duty. The data subject is Zoltán Hanzli e.v. you can complain to the NAIH about your data processing process.

4. Implemented data management

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Website data management, contact
Hanzli Zoltán e.v. On the website of areamedia.hu, software analyzing the traffic data of the site is running. This software is provided by Infotv. does not handle personal data in accordance with its provisions, but records data on visits. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. the following automatically generated information about its visitors, the so-called You receive cookies: the visitor's Internet Protocol address (IP address), the time of the visit, the details of the pages visited and the name of the browser used.

As the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority and the internationally accepted practice, the IP address can even become relative personal data, so Zoltán Hanzli e.v. treats all data (es) obtained during the data management of the website with the protection of personal data in accordance with these regulations. Hanzli Zoltán e.v. informs the visitors about the data collection with this information on its website, it is ready to answer any questions that may arise in addition to the express request of the data subject.

Hanzli Zoltán e.v. On the website, the visitor also has the opportunity to contact Zoltán Hanzli e.v. By sending an e-mail or on the website, the so-called by filling out the contact form, the visitor can enter the relevant contact information and leave a message. However, the data subject can only send the data if he or she accepts the Hanzli Zoltán e.v. data management rules. You can do this by checking a box, otherwise you will not be able to send your message through the website. The legal basis of the present data processing is the consent of the data subject [Infotv. Sections 5 (1) (a) and 6 (6)], according to which “in another case initiated at the request of the data subject, the consent of the data subject shall be presumed in respect of the personal data provided by him or her”.

Purpose of data management:
examining the habits of visiting the website, facilitating and facilitating the contact with Zoltán Hanzli e.v.

Scope of data managed:
the visitor's Internet Protocol address (IP address), the date of the visit, the name provided by the visitor, e-mail address, telephone number, company name, the subject of the contact, and the text of the message. The legal basis of data management: Infotv. Stakeholder consent pursuant to Section 5 (1) a). Deadline for data retention: up to one year from the date of data collection until the contact goal is met.

Method of data storage: electronic

5. Person responsible for internal data protection

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Data controller:
Hanzli Zoltán

Contact details of the data controller:
Phone: +36(20)324-28-62
E-mail: hello(kukac)areamedia.hu

6. Scope of unspecified issues

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In the above-mentioned issues, Infotv. and Zoltán Hanzli e.v. Your privacy and data security policies apply.

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